About Us

Medical Cannabis Practitioners (MCP) is a specialized cannabis clinic based in the Niagara Region offering education and support for the recommendation of medical cannabis. 

MCP nurse educators work with an MCP consulting physician to apply the education, application and administration of medical cannabis.  This includes education on the side effects and safety considerations of its use, assistance in registration and ideal choice of product as based on patient preference, availability, recommendation, and affordability.

We inform our patients on various methods of use, including demonstrations of medical devices such as vaporizors, and give advice on the many forms in which cannabis can now be accessed (oils, gummies, powders, etc).  Education on homemade edibles and lotions is also offered. The pros and cons of each method of application are discussed so our patients are better equipped to make a decision on which method of administration they would like to pursue.

Approximately 1-2 weeks after the initial consultation, all patients are contacted by our staff to address any issues or concerns and to ensure that they are confident in their knowledge and ability to self-medicate.

Initial consultation and reassessment letters are faxed directly to referring and supporting primary care providers in a timely manner. Follow-up appointments with an MCP consulting physician are booked at three month intervals for reassessment and renewals.  Appropriate consents are obtained from the patient regarding any data that can be used for research purposes.

MCP consulting physicians and staff are actively lobbying for the appropriate funding entitled to each patient for a legitimate and medically necessary product for their condition(s).

Our Team

Hugh Mitchell, MSc, MD

Cannabis Specialist and Lead Consulting Physician


Offering over 30 years of emergency and clinical experience,  Dr. Hugh Mitchell is a highly-regarded physician amongst his peers serving the Niagara Region.  He is also the sole consulting physician for Medical Cannabis Practitioners, with over seven years of experience recommending medical cannabis.  Over this time, he has overseen medical cannabis use for a wide spectrum of patients with a variety of medical ailments who, when using cannabis under medical guidance and support, have exhibited favorable results without concern.  His interest in the association of cannabinoids with the human endocannabinoid system is a continuation of a specialized academic interest in neuroendocrine physiology, for which he obtained an MSc prior to his MD from Queen’s University.

Lisa Lanteigne, RPN

Nurse educator

Lisa is an Honours Graduate from Mohawk College’s Practical Nursing Program.  She began her career in 2015 as a community nurse in the Grimsby area.  It was while working as a community nurse that she heard numerous accounts from her patients about how they had benefitted from medical cannabis.  She saw firsthand how oncology patients received relief from their nausea and pain.  She heard so many positive stories about medical cannabis from patients with PTSD, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome, reporting that cannabis provided them with a reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life that she immediately jumped at the chance to join the amazing team at MCP.  She is grateful for the opportunity to expand her knowledge of cannabis and aspires to share this information so others can enjoy the benefits of this plant-based medicine.

Combining her compassionate and nurturing nature, her extensive knowledge base and her love of teaching, Lisa relishes the opportunity to not only help formulate individualized approaches to meet patient’s goals, but to also continue to learn and grow in this burgeoning field of medical cannabis.

Heidi Pailing, RPN

Nurse educator

I discovered the concept of holistic medicine while I was completing my nursing program at Congestoga College. I gravitated to the consideration of the entire patient, not just their symptoms. Medical cannabis fits so well within the holistic model as this plant based medicine aims to tackle the treatment of symptoms, as well as disease prevention. Facilitating wellness in our patients, and encouraging holistic modalities gives our patients a more comprehensive approach to their healthcare. As a nurse, I am passionate about empowering our patients in education, and helping them come to a deeper understanding of cannabis medicine. It is an honour to work in a career with MCP that pioneers holistic wellness through cannabis plant medicine.

Cheryl Ross, RN

Nurse educator

Cheryl is a Registered Nurse with nearly 40 years of nursing experience working in a variety of different workplaces, from hospital wards and operating rooms to community nursing and long-term care settings (and beyond!)  She appreciates that medical cannabis is a specialized and individualized therapy – her passion is educating patients and assisting with personalizing and customizing their treatment plans for the best possible outcome, with superior symptom control being a major goal.

Wendy Mitchell

Office Administrator

Wendy brings warmth and reliability to the clinic as Medical Cannabis Practitioners’ dedicated office administrator and coordinator.  With 25 years experience working in a medical setting, she offers our patients a welcoming and compassionate environment, where one can feel confident that any needs or concerns will be heard and addressed.  Like all of us at MCP, Wendy is here to help throughout your journey to wellness and can’t wait to meet you!

Lindsey Stewart, BA

President & Founder

As office manager of Dr. Mitchell’s Medical Walk-In Clinic for 10 years, Lindsey recognized the growing interest in cannabis as an alternative treatment option for many patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions.  Dr. Mitchell’s recommendations of cannabis for medical reasons revealed a unique need for education and administrative support for patients that the walk-in clinic was not equipped to offer.  This was addressed by bringing together a team of compassionate and inspiring nurses and administrators, dedicated to educating and guiding patients in their journey to wellness.   Earning the trust of over 400 referring primary care providers, Lindsey and her team are proud to offer the community a welcoming and supportive environment combined with specialized medical advice and management.

Emily Mitchell

Data Analyst

Emily is presently obtaining a honour’s undergraduate degree in Sociology at York University in Toronto. She has a special interest in the psycho-social aspects of medicine and her primary role within the clinic is medical cannabis data accumulation and analysis for Medical Cannabis Practitioners.