Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a prescription if cannabis is legal?
  • With MCP you will receive personalized treatment plans and medical education and support that you would otherwise not have access to.
  • Many major insurance providers are now offering coverage for cannabis with a prescription
  • You can write off your cannabis as a medical expense on your tax returns with a prescription
  • Accessing cannabis through the medical stream offers better pricing and product options tailored to your medical needs.
Do I need a referral for your services?

While we do recommend that you contact your primary care provider for a referral to our services, we understand that not everyone is rostered in a family practice or has access to their primary care provider due to COVID-19 restrictions.  In cases where a referral is not possible, we do accept self-referrals for a one-time fee of $125 (incl. HST).  If a referral can be obtained, there is no charge for our services.

How does the process work?
  • The first step is to speak with your primary care provider to request a referral for our services (or call us to schedule an appointment for a pre-assessment if you wish to self-refer).
  • Once a referral or pre-assessment has been completed, you will receive a 40-minute education session with one of our experienced nurse educators and a consultation with a specialized physician, who will both assist in completing all of the necessary paperwork to allow access to a Licensed Producer (LP) from whom you can then purchase your medical cannabis.
  • You will be contacted 1-3 days later by the chosen supplier so you can place your first order for medical cannabis based on the personalized treatment plan provided during your initial consultation.
How long will it take to access medical cannabis once my referral is sent?

We are generally booking appointments within 1-2 days (excluding weekends and holidays) once the referral is received.

What if I do not know how to use my medical cannabis when it is received?

We understand that medical cannabis is not often administered in the same way as conventional medications and for many the process can seem a bit overwhelming.  This is why we offer ongoing support to all of our patients where a nurse educator and a physician is available for guidance 5 days a week.

Will I be able to function normally when using medical cannabis?

There are a wide variety of products available to you through the medical stream with varying degrees of “intoxicating” effects.  Our nurse educators will advise you on which products you may use under our medical instruction while carrying on with your daily routines.

Do I have to smoke cannabis?

Fortunately, Health Canada has approved cannabis in many forms, including the dried form that is traditionally smoked.  Our health professionals discourage the combustion of cannabis in favor of a gentler inhalation method – with the use of a vaporizer.  Cannabis products that can be accessed for medical purposes include dried flower, prefilled vape cartridges, tinctures (oils), sprays, edibles, sublingual strips, dissolvable powders, capsules, with more to come!

Do you support patients who would like to grow their own cannabis for medical purposes?

Yes!  Following your medical assessment and education session, patients who would like to grow may receive a prescription for up to a maximum of 5g/day that they can submit to the government with their completed application form.

Can I get coverage for my medical cannabis?

Many private insurance companies, as well as Veteran’s Affairs, are now covering the costs of medical cannabis.  We can assist you in applying for coverage.

Do I receive a license or a card to prove that I am eligible for medical cannabis?

Since cannabis has become legal recreationally, Licensed Producers no longer issue cards with your first orders.  If you plan to carry more than the legal amount of 30g of cannabis for recreational users, then you will just need your order slip and/or receipt accompanying your product for up to 150g (the limit for medical use).

Can I travel with my medical cannabis?
  • You are only able to travel within Canada with your medical cannabis, providing you store it in its original packaging accompanied by your receipt or packing slip.
What is a Licensed Producer and how to I choose one?

A Licensed Producer (LP) is a company akin to a pharmacy licensed by Health Canada to produce and sell medical cannabis to approved Canadians.  Our nurse educators can help you choose an LP based on your needs and preferences.  A complete list of Licensed Producers can be found on Health Canada’s website:

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!