Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

Since cannabis has become legal to purchase for recreational use, it is often questioned why it is still important and beneficial to access cannabis via the medical stream if it is being used to treat medical conditions.  When purchasing cannabis for medical purposes, consider the following advantages of going through a clinic specializing in cannabis, such as Medical Cannabis Practitioners:



Better Pricing

Many medical cannabis products are found to be lower in price than those found at adult-use dispensaries.  In addition, many medical suppliers offer our lower-income patients significant pricing discounts to make their cannabis treatment more affordable.

Product Selection

Patients claim to find better product availability and a wider scope of products in the medical market.  Several products, such as those with a higher CBD content, are reported to have more therapeutic benefits than recreational value, and are therefore harder to come by in dispensaries.

Medical Guidance

Choosing cannabis products for medical use in a dispensary can be difficult and intimidating, especially when medical advice is not available in adult-use cannabis retail stores.  We offer guidance and personalized treatment plans to maximize your success in achieving your wellness goals.  

Tax Deductible

Cannabis purchased through a medical supplier can be claimed with all other medical expenses when filing taxes.  Receipts are provided with every purchase from a licensed producer and a copy of medical documents can be forwarded from our clinic upon request as proof of the medical recommendation.

Full Coverage for Veterans

Many medical suppliers have excellent programs for their veteran clients, assisting them in getting full coverage for all medical cannabis purchases and offering direct billing so veterans never have to pay out-of-pocket for their treatment. 

Other Coverage

Medical cannabis is becoming more widely recognized as a valid treatment option, and many private insurance companies are now offering limited to full coverage.  Check with your insurance provider to see if medical cannabis is part of your plan, or whether it can be claimed on a health spending account as an unlisted medical expense.