Our Medical Services

Medical Marijuana Practitioners Inc. is a physician referral and support service for the recommendation of medical cannabis.

MMJP nurse educators work with an MMJP consulting physician to apply the education, application and administration of medical cannabis. This includes education on the side effects and safety considerations of its use, assistance in registration and ideal choice of product as based on patient preference, availability, recommendation, and affordability.

Patients are informed on various methods of use, including demonstrations of medical devices such as vaporizors, and given advice on ingesting cannabis in the form of oil or homemade edibles. The pros and cons of each method of application are discussed so patients are better equipped to make a decision on which method of administration they would like to pursue.

Approximately one week after the initial consultation, patients are contacted by our staff to address any issues or concerns and to ensure that they are confident in their knowledge and ability to self-medicate.

Initial consultation and reassessment letters are faxed directly to referring and supporting physicians in a timely manner. Follow-up appointments with an MMJP consulting physician are booked at three month intervals for reassessment and renewals. Appropriate consents are obtained from the patient regarding any data that can be used for research purposes.

MMJP consulting physicians and staff are actively lobbying for the appropriate funding entitled to each patient for a legitimate and medically necessary product for their condition(s).

MMJP encourages patients to research all Licensed Producers (LPs) and their products and also supports patients who wish to grow their own medication. We are seeking to build relationships with a number of LPs in order to obtain specialized knowledge on their products, policies, and registration processes to better guide and assist our patients. 

The following LPs are currently in direct and regular contact with MedCan staff and locations:

Peace Naturals
Green Relief
Cann Trust
spectrum therapeutics
emblem cannabis
beacon medical
Broken Coast


“In order for me to fulfill the administrative, educational, applicational and support side of the medical cannabis recommendation (ACMPR), I require a business that is able to deal with those aspects while I apply the clinical/medical components. Licensed producers sanctioned by Health Canada provide the product directly to the patient upon my recommendation. Traditionally, I would rely on pharmaceutical companies to handle the administraion, application and provision of use of a medication, but that option is uniquely not available for myself or any other physician recommending medical cannabis to their patients. Medical Marijuana Practitioners Inc. is a company that has proven to provide those invaluable patient support services that is required for its recommendation.”


Hugh J. Mitchell, MSc., MD.